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THIS IS MY HOME, Celebrating our People

Writer and Director: Sean Hoy

Set design: Michael Bantjes

Musical director Sheldon Corbett, Choreographer Sarah Nolan Downs, Writer and Still Photography Shelley Leedahl, Photographer Gary von Kuster, Lighting designer Dan Mooney. TD and SM Performance Productions.

Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan and the Saskatoon Citizens' Centennial Comittee

The show began with drummers in the dark, with stars, then video footage of a tipi. Then the dancers enter.

Wanuskewin International Dancers:

Lorin Guardypie, Milton Keunuter, Denny Netmaker, Amanda Prosper, Devyn L. Roy, Lawrence Roy, Wendy Singer, Danetta Strongarm, Dustin Strongarm, Sanford Strongarm, Randell Strongarm, Wesley Strongarm, T.J. Warren

Here the projection screen becomes a horizontal lighting effect.

Joseph Naytowhow

Downstage of the main curtain.


Jillian Kerry, Nicholas Lydiate, Katie McGuigan Scott, Michael Merlin

The horizontal projection screen with video footage and one of the vertical banners with rear shadow projection of a dancer makes a simple composition.


Maeve Hoy, Sean Hoy, Julia Jamison, Shelley Loeffler, Carla Orosz, Reily Orosz, James Ostime, William Robertson

The bridge was my only real flown drop. It was made in sections in the Performance Productions shop.
The groundrow hid the projectors, and some cyc lights that gave Dan Mooney another simple element to play with for generating different looks.
Here Dan lights the the dancers, the projection screen, banners, groundrow and cyc to great advantage.
Still photos by Shelly Loeffler
Brenda Baker with the Saskatoon Children's Choir
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